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All fees are paid monthly / weekly in advance by standing order. Nursery invoices are sent out 10 working days before the end of the month. If payments are not paid on time parents will risk losing their child’s nursery place. Legal action will be taken to recover any monies owed to the nursery.

One months notice is required if a child is leaving, if in such cases the notice is not given parents/guardians are to pay a months fees. If your child is absent for more then 2 weeks and the nursery has not been informed of their absence you will risk losing your child’s nursery place. Fees are paid in full during Bank Holidays and when your child is absent for any reason.

Health & Safety

The nursery aims to provide a safe, secure, healthy environment and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases among other children. Children who have a contagious illness are not allowed to attend the nursery until they have fully recovered.

Safe Guarding Children Policy

The nursery has a safe guarding children policy to ensure our commitment to the welfare of all our children. We have procedures for contacting the local authority on child protection issues. We follow our Area Child Protection Guidance.

Equality and Diversity

We are strongly committed to positive action to remove and counter any discrimination in all aspects of our provision in childcare and education. We have an inclusive childcare policy and welcome children and their families with out any discrimination.


All children are encourages to participate in all activities and given the equal opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace. Protecting clothing is always worn by children when doing messy activities, however we do advise that you do not send children in expensive clothes to nursery.

To support your child development the staff will keep records on children’s development and observational records. These records are only accessible to parents / guardians, nursery staff. At times children records may be shared with other professional with parental permission.

Early Education Funding

We are registered to claim the 2, 3 and 4 year old free entitlement on behalf of eligible children aged two, three and four years, who are not attending LEA nursery classes. If your child is eligible and attends for just the free entitlement/funded hours there are no other costs involved however, if additional services or hours are booked these will be chargeable at our normal fees rate and if not already paid a registration fee and deposit will become payable.

If your child is entitled to free entitlement/funded hours you must declare any claims made at another setting this information must be given to the setting at the point of registration. Failure to declare this information will result in you repaying us any/all amounts credited to your account and subsequently not funded by the local authority.

Working in Partnership

We ask that you work in partnership in meeting your children needs and provide to us such information as we may reasonably require relating to The Child, including:

Any known medical condition, health problem, allergy, or diagnosed dietary requirement; Any prescribed medication; Any lack of any vaccination which the Child would ordinarily have by their age; Any family circumstances or court orders which might affect the Child’s welfare or happiness; Any concerns about the Child’s safety; and Your contact details, and those of named authorised persons who may collect the Child .You must (a) ensure that these details are accurate and (b) keep these details up-to-date, by promptly informing us whenever they change. If our fulfilment of our obligations under the contract is prevented or delayed by anything you do (or fail to do), we shall not be liable. You shall not employ (or attempt to employ) any member of our staff without our consent.

We may ask you to remove your child from the childcare facility immediately if you, your child or any carer displays abusive, threatening, disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behaviour towards any member of staff, other child, parent/carer or if you are in serious breach of these terms and conditions or if termination of a place is considered by us to be in the best interests of the childcare facility and/or the continuing welfare of the other children at the childcare facility.

These terms and conditions and our policies and procedures represent the entire agreement and understanding between you and us. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms or representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded to the fullest extent, permitted by law.

We reserve the right to update / amend these terms and conditions and our policies and procedures at anytime. Nursery policies and procedures are available to read please speak to nursery manager.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

At Rockinghorse Kindergarten we seek to promote and maintain positive behaviour. In order to sustain a happy and positive environment which promotes good learning, all children are expected to behave in an acceptable manner with adults and children. At Rockinghorse Kindergarten we believe that children, parents and staff all have a collective responsibility for promoting positive behaviour

We work in partnership with children's parents. Parents are regularly informed about their children's behaviour by their key person. We work with parents to address recurring unkind behaviour, using our observation records to help us to understand the cause and to decide jointly how to respond appropriately.

We require all staff, volunteers and students to use positive strategies for handling any unkind behaviour, by helping children find solutions in ways which are appropriate for the children's ages and stages of development. Such solutions might include, for example, acknowledgement of feelings, explanation as to what was not acceptable, and supporting children to gain control of their feelings so that they can learn a more appropriate response.

Special education needs

We will ensure all staff are implementing and adhering to the SEN / Disability policy. The named SENCO have a responsibility to support parents and carers, offering support and referring the child to appropriate services to support their needs. The SENCO also ensures that all information recorded is accurate and up to date, monitoring and reviewing play plans, IEP’s on a regular basis working alongside the behaviour coordinators (BECO). The SENCO will also access all relevant training that is delivered by the area SENCO team and keep up to date with legislation, initiatives and requirements.


We provide a staffing ratio in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage to ensure that children have sufficient individual attention and to guarantee care and education of a high quality. Our staff are appropriately qualified and we carry out checks for criminal and other records through the Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) accordance with statutory requirements.


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